Kop Hill Climb®

Fundraising for the local community

14th/15th September 2024

The Hill

The Hill

It’s a steep old hill – matter of fact it’s 1 in 4 at its steepest near the top after winding its way up through a wooded valley situated above the picturesque town of Princes Risborough.

Go back a century or two and Kop Hill was just one of a number of stony and bumpy cart tracks that led up the open scarp. Early competitors would have found it a challenge, particularly given the fragile tyres and suspension (or lack of it) of the day. One particular hump, still apparent today, was infamous for launching riders in the air.

For competitors in 2018 the road is smooth and well maintained with a gradual climb to a 1 in 6 gradient half way then a short section of 1 in 4. But for some the challenge is still there, particularly in the case of the older cars and bikes where being able to make it to the top is an achievement all by itself.