Kop Hill Climb®

Fundraising for the local community

14th/15th September 2024

The famous Kop Hill Climb Soapbox

To register your interest for the Soapbox Challenge please email your details to the following address and we’ll be in contact:   [email protected]

Welcome to the Soapbox Challenge 2024. This year’s event will look more like the early years of the competition shown on the video below.  The lowering of the age limit to 8 is to encourage younger drivers, and the all-grass track ensures that all can drive at a speed suitable for their age.

The Soapbox Challenge is dedicated to the memory of Andy Beaumont, our original driving force behind the event.  Every year, the worthy victors of the fiercely competitive ‘furthest distance travelled’ are presented with the ‘Beaumont Cup’.  Other great awards battled out for are Best Soapbox and Spirit of the Event.

THE BEAUMONT CUP First place will be awarded to the cart travelling the furthest distance.

BEST SOAPBOX will be decided by an independent judge and will be their choice for whatever reason they decide.  Guest judge Fuzz Townshend in 2019 chose a cart similar to the ones of his childhood so it’s not necessarily the best paint job but maybe the best story.

SPIRIT OF THE EVENT is a prize decided by the organisers for the team which most embraces the spirit of Soapbox. You could be the best dressed or the worst, you could be the most successful, you could be the most unsuccessful, what is for sure is that you will be the team that has brought a lot of fun to the event.

If you are considering entering a Soapbox in 2024, then please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations:

 Soapbox Challenge – Design and Safety Rules – 2024


The video illustrates the Soapbox Challenge development over the years, and clearly demonstrates the youngster’s enthusiasm for design and engineering as well as their competitive spirit whilst also raising thousands of pounds for the charitable good causes that is at the heart of the Kop Hill Climb Festival.

Year on year we never cease to be amazed by the incredible display of engineering skill, driving ability and flair with a paintbrush that never fails to attract an ever-growing crowd of spectators.

We had many new entries last year competing against some die-hard teams that return year on year in the hope of making it onto the podium.