Kop Hill Climb®

Fundraising for the local community

14th/15th September 2024

One hundred and ten years ago, a few people gathered to witness the first Kop Hill Climb. The first year was just motorcycles, but one year on and the cars came; cars that made Kop Hill Climb one of the ‘must be there’ events of those early years. Many of those cars you’ll see running the hill again over a hundred years later.

Since the revival of the event ten years ago we’ve seen it all; steam, electric and just about every gasoline powered marque you can imagine, from Edwardian, fire-spitting aero-engined beasts to the latest exotic models, all up close and personal.

Given we love to celebrate cars with big birthdays such as those launched fifty or a hundred years ago, we will be celebrating Alvis (OK, it’s a hundred and one years) but who’s counting when the cars are so magnificent?

Riley too, that great sporting marque, is also celebrating – this time 130 years. Like Rover and Singer, they started in the century before as a manufacturer of bicycles, but within fifteen years were making cars and for the next few decades made some noteworthy models, many of which we hope will be running the hill in 2020. This year also celebrates what’s inside. It’s the 90th anniversary of the car radio and the 50th of those fiddly tape cassettes we used to slot in. Expect to see and maybe hear a few of those again in September!

With 800 cars and bikes that run the hill or are on display get ready to expect the unexpected at Kop Hill Festival