Kop Hill Climb®

Fundraising for the local community

14th/15th September 2024

Saturday 15th September.

7:30    The paddock opens.

8:30   The Soapbox entries assemble for checking over.

9:00   The gates open for spectators.

9:45   The flag car a Berliet Curtiss racer from 1907 with Countess Howe roars off followed by a 1910 Overland with Eric Knowles from Antiques Roadshow are waved off by Dick Skipworth. The hill is officially open!

9:48   The first of our 22 Edwardian cars and bikes set off to run the hill. Then its the turn of the vintage cars and bikes led by the 1919 Hispano Suiza followed by the post vintage runners like the Vincent and Brough Superior.

10:00  Soapbox challenge practice. Meanwhile, the post war thoroughbred vehicles then take to the hill led by Lorna Mountford’s Wolsey Hornet.

10:45  The Rocking Rebels are first on stage. Then there’s Rob Oakley, G-Elvis and at 12.30 Melody Jazz.

12:30 The exotics, the Napier Railton and the racers take to the hill.

13:00  The hill closes and we have a parade of Land Rovers from 1948

13:15  It’s the school run – but not as you know it. It’s also time for lunch and . . .

13:30  the Soapbox Challenge – Round One!

14:00  The hill reopens and all the cars and bikes take to the hill once again.

14:30  School race winner cup presented.

16:30 Sponsors and exotics run the hill.

17:15 The hill closes.

18:00  The paddock closes.

Sunday 16th September

7:30    The paddock opens for entrants.

9:00   The gates are open for spectators. Thoughts turn to breakfast!

9:45   The flag car a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost from 1912 with ex rally champion Paddy Hopkirk, the mayor and Mike Bushell are waved off by Quirina Louwman. The hill is open!

9:48   The first of nearly 300 cars and bikes take to the hill. The pre 1905 veterans, post 1918 Edwardian cars and bikes, the Thoroughbred vehicles from the 30’s onward followed by the post war classics and lastly the modern exotics. From a 1903 two seater, the Napoleon, to the latest two seater the McLaren Senna there are simply hundreds of amazing bikes to see and experience.

10:00  Back at the Soapbox track Round Two is starting. No quarter given!

10:30  The stage comes alive with the Soundforce Big Band. They’re followed by the Rocking rebels, G-Elvis, Rob Oakley and the Melody Jazz Band.

13:00  The hill closes, the Loops take to the stage and a cavalcade of Austin Healeys run the hill.

13:15  The school dancers perform in the paddock lunch beckons and the music plays on.

13:30  Final race runs – Soapbox

14:00  The Best Car and Bike in Show award is presented on the start and then the 2nd runs begin. With a WW1 tribute look for the 1914 Sun Villiers.

16:00  Soapbox winners announced

17:15  McLaren and Ferraris close the hill.

18:00  The paddock closes.